Thank you for choosing Achieve Driving School of Exeter, New Hampshire. The State of New Hampshire requires that all students under the age of 18 have at least 40 hours of driving practice with parent/guardian or licensed driver over 25 years old. The State of NH requires at least 10 hours of night time driving. This may begin as soon as the student turns 15 ˝ years old. We realize this can be stressful and would like to provide you with some helpful information to use when practice driving with the student, as well as some safety tips and guidelines. It is recommended that practice driving should be completed during the program so the student can practice the skills being taught in the car by us.

In order to meet these needs, a parent or guardian is required to attend the first class. Parental involvement is vital for new drivers to become responsible, safe and confident. It will provide an opportunity to review current laws, answer questions and share with you some of the features of this spectacular program.

Please read all forms carefully. As explained on the consent forms it is necessary to be notified of any disability, physical or mental, that would affect the ability to drive, observe or participate in class. In the event that the disability is too severe to obtain a doctor’s note stating the individual is safe to be on the road, they will be removed from the program. If the disability was withheld from Achieve Driving School, there will be no refund..

The following items must be received in order to reserve a seat. Please send in as soon as possible as classes fill up quickly:

Almost every teenager looks forward to getting a driver's license. The freedom associated with being able to drive is exhilarating and the responsibility that goes along with driving must be accepted solemnly. Getting a driver's license does not make you a good driver; it only proves you have passed the minimum requirements to get a New Hampshire driver's license. Teen drivers, and most folks up to the age of 30, have some advantages on the road: Acute vision, Accurate depth perception and and Quick reaction time..


"We've Got The Experience You Need”

1 – A copy of student’s original Birth Certificate.
2 – Consent forms signed by both student and parent/guardian.
3 – Driver Education policies signed by both the student and parent/guardian.
4 – Completed history form signed by both the student and parent/guardian.
5 - The State of NH Requirement is that your teen MUST be 16yrs by the last class day

Classes are held in Exeter. Please bring the following items with you to the first night of class:

6 – Glasses, if you wear them to drive.
7 – Notebook, highlighter, pen

Please call Achieve Driving School (603) 772-2620 if you have any questions or need further information.
I look forward to meeting you and providing quality education for this valuable skill.

Achieve Driving School LLC 13 Kossuth Street Exeter, NH 03833 (603) 772-2620

Please Remember That The State of NH Requirement is that your teen MUST be 16yrs by the last class day

Dear Parents /Guardian:

A New Resource Focusing on Empowering Parents
to Influence Their Teen Drivers to Drive Safe!