At ADS we are very focused on safety. In fact, the majority of the AAA Driver's Course text book that ADS uses is dedicated to topics on safe and responsible driving. The Text book covers topics such as:

•Sharing the road
•Braking and stopping
•Hazardous driving conditions (common to New Hampshire)
•Equipment and pre-trip inspections
•Driving habits and driving attitude
•Defensive driving
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Testing At ADS:

The Course Requirements is to pass with a 80% or better to receive your certificate of completion.

Testing At The DMV:

There are three tests required when you apply for a new license:

Vision test: 20/40 or better

Written knowledge test: 40 question you must score at least 32 out of 40 questions or an 80% to pass the test .

Road skills test

Topics for Driver Training:

The official N.H. Driver's Manual shall be provided by ADS on the first day of the course

Driver's Manual:

Achieve Driving School LLC 13 Kossuth Street Exeter, NH 03833 (603) 772-2620

Please Remember That The State of NH Requirement is that your teen MUST be 16yrs by the last class day